Just Because....

A New Year….

A new year is upon us and I’m finally posting my first entry on my very own Blog site. I’m pretty excited to say the least…..I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now.

I’ve been getting sick of social media….ie. Facebook and Instagram….not the companies themselves….but the pull I was feeling to constantly be connected. Why? It didn’t have any effect on my well being or personal life. So I was considering turning them off.

I’ve since been talked out of that…I do feel they serve a good purpose and I love staying connected with friends all over the world that I would only still see because of social media. Alas, I feel this will be a better avenue for me to post things that make me happy….recipes I wish to share, pictures of adventures, past and present….crafts and sewing ideas,  new ventures I plan on doing, goals, ideas etc.

I’m excited to start this new adventure and hope it may bring you some joy as well! I’m new to all of this…so bare with me….and

Happy New Year Y’all!



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