Just Because....

Best Friends….

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Yesterday was a rough day…..it marked the year anniversary since we had to put our dog, Max down. January 23, 2015. The hardest day of my life.

15 years ago we adopted him from the Boulder pound. He was just an 8 week old pup….our first baby….our everything. I still can’t believe he’s gone.

What can one say without succumbing to tears…I lived so much of my life with him included…..multiple jobs, marriage, two cats, a new home, two children…the big stuff. He was there….always. Never wanting anything but to be near….my shadow.

A game. A walk. A hug….

Whether it was teaching him to swim, hiking, snow shoeing or our daily romps to the open space where he would fly around like a bird….faster than any other dog I had ever seen….still, have ever seen.

He was part rabbit, part bird, part dog. We were never really sure what kind of dog he was….coming from the pound, he was just Max. Maximus J. Dog. But most of all, he was loyal…he was kind…he was beautiful.

At the end of his life he didn’t look too much like this picture. His glossy black coat had gone matte….his black hair filled with white….his eyes, once a lustrous amber color, now just a smokey colored empty ball…..his hearing played tricks on him at best, and his brain forgot to talk to his hind legs causing him to fall a lot…. He became nervous and agitated, dropping food and water everywhere and having accidents here and there….but still, you knew somewhere deep down he was still Max….chasing his tail…just not quite so often.

We chose to put him down…put him out of his misery…I don’t regret this decision whatsoever…he was with us for his last breath…laying on my lap…in his home listening to the peaceful music he had become accustomed too as a puppy….and went to sleep.

His final days were so hard to see….a shell of what he once was; a majestic specimen to the 1st degree. I’ll never know another like him….and hope somewhere, he is running free…free of pain….alongside the prairie dogs in the fields of Colorado’s open space.

You don’t realize what you have in a friend until it’s gone.


I made this mini memory quilt in his honor (pattern courtesy of Pink Door Fabrics) http://blog.pinkdoorfabrics.com/free-patterns/….with fabrics I’m sure he would have picked out if he could have…..and fastened his “necklace” that he once wore on his collar….it’s a small token I can look at, I can touch, that reminds me daily what a true blessing he was to me and my husband in our lives.

If this blog post does nothing more than to make you look at your pet more…hug your pet more and realize what a treasured friend you have…then I will be happy….because they don’t live long enough…..


Always & forever….in my heart. I love you Jay Jay.



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