Just Because....

Spring…a time of rebirth

A lot has happened since I last logged on to my blog page….and I thought it time to start fresh, update my page and write a new post….I won’t bore you with the details…I’d prefer to move on, and bury those wounds. Pick myself up, dust myself off and remember only the good…..for life is too short to dwell.

Spring happened….it’s such a wonderful time of year and the possibilities are endless as far as I’m concerned. Lost some people dear to my heart….but it’s time to move on. Just as the the day turns to night, caterpillars to butterflies or bulbs in the ground into beautiful blossoms….this too shall pass and we all have to move on.


I’m thoroughly enjoying this time of year for the snow and cold seemed to hang on forever this time around…perhaps it was only in my head, but that’s how it felt…in the grand scheme of things it was nothing….but the warmth of Colorado’s sunshine and the changing of the seasons has been happily received.

My girls have both had birthdays….6 & 3. Where does the time go? They’re both growing into such little young ladies with adorable personalities….each quite different. Such a blessing they are…..


Outside a Spring storm is rumbling….even as the birds chirp away bringing in the new day! It’s not often we have thunderstorms…so they are a welcome sight.

I promise I won’t be gone as long as the last time…..I feel compelled to begin picking up some of the pieces where they fell…..time to start sewing again….baking…doing those activities that bring an immense amount of joy into my life…..and blogging about them too. For the few of you that may read this and those to come…..I hope they bring you a tiny bit of joy in your day!




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