Growth Chart

I had been wanting to make a growth chart of some kind for awhile…fabric, wood…I didn’t necessarily have a preference…but something that would be a keeper and I could hang in my home and enjoy seeing each time I passed by.

Well, if you happen to browse Etsy, you may have noticed a gal’s shop, Little Acorns By Ro. My sister in law actually found her as she made one of the rulers for her two boys…and boy did I I fall in love with it!

It was such an easy project to make… Ro supplies all the directions. You just need to buy her kit (which retails for only $13.99+) a piece of lumber from your local hardware store of the appropriate size (approx 6′ by 10″) in what ever type of wood you like….I preferred looking for one that had some beautiful markings and I chose Poplar. But they will have a variety to choose from.

You figure out what you’d like on your board…various names etc of your children, last name, date of birth etc. and then you’ll need the “ruler markers” or tick marks. I also chose to buy the “age” vinyl stickers so I didn’t have to write on my board. I don’t mind my handwriting but I also didn’t want to accidentally mess up and hate the board every time I saw it. Plus Ro’s vinyl stickers are just adorable and come in a variety of colors! At the bottom of my board is a sort of legend per se….since I have two children represented (and both girls mind you) I needed to differentiate between the two colors of age vinyls…hence the two colors of pink and then the coordinating names at the bottom.

It couldn’t be any easier to assemble too! Once I had cleaned and lightly sanded my board; we did a series of painting. You can paint with regular paints, varnish or oil, I chose a Teak wood oil because of its natural glossy look which ultimately enhanced the markings in my ruler. It got about three coats over a period of a day or so and about 4 days of drying time. I live in a very dry climate, so if you live somewhere humid it might require more time. Maybe not…I was wanting to be quite sure it was dry because applying those vinyls on tacky wood could ruin them and cause them to peel off.

Once you’ve got the wood ready to decorate, it’s time to take out that handy credit card and slowly apply the vinyls just like Ro states in her directions!

Wallah! Just like that…you have a beautiful piece you can display in your home that functions as a conversation piece and an heirloom for your kiddos!

Check out her site at or on Etsy under Little Acorns by Ro!


2 thoughts on “Growth Chart

  1. I just love this ruler! It turned out gorgeous. Thank you for the amazing review glad the decal kit made the project simple and so successful! All the best and enjoy watching your little ones grow!

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