Needle & Thread

Homemade fabric Pumpkins

I decided it was time to finally use my pumpkin stalk I had saved last year and made a sweet pumpkin out of some new fabric by one of my favorite artists, Cori Dantini. 

These were so much easier than I had expected and a great craft project to make with kids!

Using any fabric you’ve got from quilting cotton to velvet or silk…you need to cut a rectangle, twice and long as it is wide. So for example, 10″X 5″or an 11″ X 22″ for a bigger pumpkin! Gold the fabric in half lengthwise and sew the shorter ends together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. 

Then gather the fabric either by sewing it along one side of the rectangle using a basting stitch and gathering the threads or just carefully gather the fabric in your hands and stitch or tie with a piece of floss. 

Turn the fabric right side out and fill with your choice of stuffing…polyfil, rice or beans for a small pumpkin or packing peanuts. I used small round peanuts I bought online….

Stuff as much you can and then hand sew the top closed with a gathering stitch. 

Most people will then use a hemp string or floss to make the vertical lines down the pumpkin…I decided against doing this step because my pumpkin already had so much going on, when I tried it I didn’t care for the look. 

I then got glued some strips of tulle and hemp ribbon to the center and then ultimately my dried pumpkin stalk! 

Now it’s ready for Fall! 

Fabric available where Blend Fabrics are sold…. 


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