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Late for a date…

“I knew who I was this morning….but I’ve changed a few times since then.”

I just adore the characters and quotes thru out the Alice in Wonderland story….and when I got the chance to make something special from a new fabric line called “Wonderland” by Josephine Kimberling over at Blend Fabrics, my creative juices began to flow!

I decided upon a tuffet as I had always wanted to make one because my girls and I adore tea parties…and a little tuffet just goes with a tea party like scones and jam!

Now to preface this recipe for a tuffet, I have never made one, did not have a pattern and don’t claim to be a pattern maker. I merely found a few pictures online and figured it out as I went.

I bought a round 15″ pine disk with four small legs at my local hardware store. Using the disk as my guide, I cut out a piece of fusible fleece the same size and shape…then folded this into 1/8’s and simply outlined this “pie slice” onto a piece of paper adding a 1/4″ around all sides for my seams. Using this template I cut 8 pieces from the various fabrics I had chosen and cut them all out and sewed together, ironing my seams in the middle. I then ironed on my fusible fleece and trimmed.

For the sides of the tuffet, I measured the circumference of my disk and cut a piece of fabric 6″ by this measurement, attached fusible fleece and sewed the shorter ends together making a closed circle. 

Then I attached my chosen trim, the red Pom Poms, to the circular top piece using my 1/4″ foot. 

Using Wonderclips, I carefully attached my siding fabric and tuffet top together and sewed these together just on the outside of my previous sew line from the Pom poms.

Once this step was complete I got the disk ready. My awesome handyman & friend Rick, used his big boy toys and drilled holes in to my disk for the four legs, inserted female ends into the holes and ultimately, the little legs.

We also attached a small nail into the center of the top of the disk where I would use leather to attach the button on the tuffet. I had tried using floss, hemp and string and nothing was strong enough to hold the button, so I carefully pushed leather lacing thru the fabric top and tied it into a knot inside the tuffet.

Loosely holding the fabric over the disk I began to fill with polyfil, tied down the leather holding the button and then using a staple gun, I stapled the fabric around the bottom of the disk just around the edge. 

I also used my hot glue gun and scissors to trim any extra fabric and then to secure it all down so it was neat and tidy.

After that, I painted the four feet white and alas, we have an adorable tuffet that my daughter absolutely loves!!! 

It came together quite well considering I made it up as I went along…

This fabric was perfect for this project…and I think I’ll have to take some photos of my daughter Sophia on it this Halloween as she’s going to be the Queen of Hearts! ❤️

Fabric: “Wonderland” courtesy of

Look for it at your local quilt shop or check out Blend Fabrics website for a shop near you! 

Happy sewing!


5 thoughts on “Late for a date…

  1. This is AWESOME! Love your Tuffet! So creative & fun!! Know Sophia will love sharing Tea Parties with you! Thank you for sharing such a great Heart Memory making project!! Can’t wait to see her sitting on it, as the Queen of Hearts too! 🙂


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