Needle & Thread

Fiber Collage

If you’re interested in making a quilt but have little to no experience or just want a new project to try to wet your palette because you’re needing a break from regular Quilts, I would highly recommend trying fiber collage!! 

I took a class at my local quilt shop using the patterns and teachings of artist, Laura Heine. 

It was AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN! Going back to the creative days of just cutting and pasting when you were a child was exhilarating! It was simple….you could do it anywhere and even have your kids help out! 

You’re simply (in a nut shell, but please refer to the patterns for a full tutorial) ironing Steam-a-Seam onto small pieces of fabric (great way of using those precious scraps you’ve been hoarding) and then simply laying them out in whatever pattern you’ve chosen…the process is obviously quite a bit more involved than that but that’s the fundamental basis of it….no sewing machine!! You use your iron and a great pair of scissors (preferably ones meant for appliqué as they’ll have a slight serration which makes the tedious cutting of all your smallest pieces a breeze! 

I made a small wall hanging quilt in this class….Ebba the Seahorse and just found the entire process to be a blast with little to no sewing (if you pay to have yours quilted like I did) so all I actually sewed on this was the binding. 

She turned out perfectly…in my opinion of course! I loved all the various fabrics from Blend Fabrics, Tula Pink for the backing and some seahorse and Amy Butler for the flowers. I used a metallic Cotton & Steel for the background fabric…

When you see it hanging in person she just radiates something magical!! There are so many little creatures hiding in this seahorse…it’s a “Where’s Waldo” in quilt form! You can be as intricate or as simple as you see fit. I chose to be intricate because of the fabrics I picked…. 

It needs to tell a story so don’t rush it…if you take your time you will surely end up with an original masterpiece! 

I then decided to try fiber collage on my own, no pattern…just the whimsical fabrics from Blend Fabrics by an artist, Cori Dantini! I actually took this class so I could eventually make Quilts using Cori’s incredibly drawn panels…I just love every one of her collections but have never been satisfied that I did them justice. 

Until I found the world of fiber collage!

This one was my first, and basically morphed into what it is today…my Bunny quilt….I ADORE bunnies!

And bunnies in tea cups??? Get out of here….ADORABLE!! 

Alas, I cut out all the colorful Easter eggs, flowers and bunnies in tea cups….I also cut out the words and bonded everything on to an Essex linen from Robert Kaufman. 

All of these fabrics are from her line called the Promise of Spring with the exception of the backing fabric and the background.

Now with this quilt there was obviously a lot more sewing involved…each grey square (which measures 20″) plus 3″ sashing and then the upper and lower grey blocks (measuring the width of the body by 6″) were all sewn together on my machine and then expertly quilted by my friend Susan (whom quilted both of these). But you could easily make a small quilt without touching your machine except to possibly quilt and then bind!

A wonderful medium in which to create….I’m excited to make more Quilts, some throw pillows for different seasons and perhaps even use this on other items such as pouches or dresses!

Find these fabrics at a local quilt shop near you or 
Happy Crafting…. 


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