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Make your own lounge pants!

One item I adore making at home in the clothing department is pajama pants! There are so many great fabric prints out there and we spend so much time in pj’s…why not make a pair that speaks to you and is an original! 

It’s actually quite easy to make with no pattern required…although I highly recommend the lounge pant pattern from Monaluna. The pattern I used originally is from their site:

If you already have a favorite pair of pj pants, then you can simply create a new pattern from them!


All they require is approx 2.5yds of fabric, (I used Amy Butler’s delicious fabrics in this pair) a piece of elastic and if you want to add a cute bow, some ribbon of your choice!

I used a serger to clean up all the edges but if you don’t have one, simply zig zag stitch the edge or use pinking shears.

You can sew these up in a couple hours….but be careful, you may become accustomed to them and want to make a few pairs! 

They also make fun presents…my sister has already asked me for a pair every year for her birthday! 😉

Enjoy & happy sewing!

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